Are Orgasms Overrated?

volcano orgasmEver seen your orgasm face? Neither have we, but even if we had caught a glimpse of ourselves looking like a ‘drunk wizard in the aftermath of a stroke‘ would that mean we never wanted another one?

We think not. But before we examine the evidence for and against, Eve and Cath discuss a Cosmo article on accidental injuries to the ladyparts (cue MASSIVE oversharing) and the strange case of the man who finds his girlfriend’s vagina repulsive, a problem for which we have thousands of helpful suggestions.

And in the Sluttylemon tech corner are the story of the man whose ex hounded him for years online, the Twitter rape threat crisis and an App which helps the man with many girlfriends keep track of who is menstruating when.



Music by Patrick Lee via Free Music Archive


8 Responses to Home

  1. Verse says:

    Now imagining Eve and Cath sunning themselves on some rocky Scottish cove, in all their hairy glory.

    Rule 34 girls, rule 34.

  2. Verse says:

    Theme tune for this week’s episode:

    The Crablouse by The Lords of Acid

    I think you will approve.

  3. Eve says:

    Verse! You dog you… :) Love that tune. I think we should adopt it as our permanent accompaniment ;)

  4. adam says:

    ok God only knows how i found this site….damn boredom….damn internet….but what is this place and why is it called sluttylemon and why am i afraid to read those blogs and hear those podcasts???

    • cath says:

      Just imagine that a kind little fairy (like Tinkerbell but with cleavage) guided you here with a wave of her tiny wand. You are going to *love* it here :)

  5. RubberJ says:

    Awesome podcast, hugely entertaining, a welcome spot of sunshine.

  6. John Stout says:

    Mary Beard for President: What a great hour’s entertainment. You hit the mark on everything. It’s hilarious to hear the two of you dissecting all the fuckwits and exposing the stupidity. Plus two years in the bathroom and minute-by-minute farting records, simply priceless.

  7. JJ Alleson says:

    Just found this website via searching for info on metatags and how to tart me own site up. See…even doing the chores can lead to something good. Wahey! :)

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